American Association of Orthodontists

The world’s largest organization for orthodontists.

Kentucky Dental Association

Representing over 2,000 dentists throughout Kentucky, the KDA represents organized dentistry in the state and contributes to the oral health of patients in Kentucky through various comprehensive education programs.


Invisalign is the clear way to straighten teeth without braces, using aligners. Learn more about the market’s leading clear aligner.

Damon® Braces

Damon® System braces use passive self-ligating brackets that provide gentler moving forces to your teeth, resulting in reduced discomfort, fewer appointments and less overall treatment time! Plus, Damon® braces use no elastics, meaning your braces are less noticeable and promote better oral hygiene than conventional braces.

Insignia™ Braces

Insignia™ braces from Ormco provide orthodontists with a truly comprehensive system for delivering personalized treatment for their patients. Using all-digital 3D models and placement planning, orthodontic treatment can be faster and require fewer adjustments.


Oral-B is the brand more dentists use themselves worldwide, and their fun and informative website provides access to many helpful and interesting articles on oral health topics, as well as special offers for Oral-B products.